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Lists that Speak For Themselves.

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Flexlift lift tables are used in all industrial branches. Their main application is ergonomic workplace design. Flexlift is manufacturing spindle drive lift tables since 1992. According to requirements of the automotive companies, in 2000 Flexlift came out with a new generation of belt driven lift tables. Discover our products..

With Flexlift lifting tables, you can minimize sick leave by working in a back-friendly manner. Create with our products optimized workplaces with more mobility, a more effective handling even under high daily loads. Create a workplace with increased occupational safety. Discover the advantages of Flexlift lifting tables.

Learn all about our history, our company and our products in our video section. Find out all about the most used flat form lifting table in the world. Experience our lift tables in action. In our product films you will get to know specific advantages and get a first impression about special products and series.

Our products

The Flexlift low profile lift table was developed in 1982. Since then 100.000 low profile Flexlifts have been manufactured. These tables are used in all industry branches. Our products are: Low profile Lift Tables über Compact Lift Tables und Spindle Lift Tables bis hin zu Belt Lift Tables and our Rolli-Lift .

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About us

With the development of extremely low-profile lift tables with design heights starting from 65 mm and a load capacity of up to 10 t, Gotthard Heide set the stage for founding FLEXLIFT Hubgeräte GmbH in Bielefeld in 1981.

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For level bridging at house entrances, indoors, e.g., for accessing a roof terrace

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10 good reasons

Innovative technology leader, more than 40 years of experience, global market presence, comprehensive product portfolio, highest quality standard, compliance with national and international safety standards, maximum availability with long service life, custom designs, outstanding service, goal-oriented problem solution