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Low-profile Lift Table FE-A

Flexlift FE-A Series: Safe Working without Tripping hazards

Tripping hazards belong to the most frequent accident causes in the workplace. Unfortunately, low-profile lift tables often hold tripping hazards: Here, the aggregate unit is mostly a separate unit. Hydraulic hoses and electrical cables are then often on the ground in the area of the lift table. 

This is not the case for this variant of the “FE” Flexlift:  Aggregate and control are here accommodated in the back on the platform, power is supplied from above via a coiled cable: The result: no more loose hoses and cables around the lift table. The control panel attached to one arm can be conveniently reached in all lifting positions. The arm can be swivelled to both sides, so that the lift table can be used from all sides.

Low-profile Lift Table FE-A (Gallery)

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