Low profile Lift Tables

Our Low-profile Lift Tables

The FE series has been developed for optimal handling of pallets, mesh box pallets and other transport containers. The recesses in the platform allow floor-level feeding with a hand pallet truck. Lift tables of this series are available for payloads of up to 2000 kg. Optionally in semi-mobile version (movable without resting load) or for stationary use.

This series offers an optimum variability and functionality. The table is diversely expendable -it can be equipped and also retro-fitted with a range of available accessories, such as turntable, box tilting device and roller bed attachment.

A pallet lift table with built-onhydraulic unit. This further development of the FE series offers much comfort such as swiveling operating panel and free access to the lift table on all sides.

The F-CE series was developed in 2000 for the European market. The main aim was to comply exactly with European Standards EN 1570 and, therefore, to meet all essential health and safety requirements on electro-hydraulic lifting platforms. For the chemical and pharmaceutical industries as well as for the food industry, the lift tables FC-E can be also delivered in a stainless steel version.

With overall heights starting at 55 mm, the lift tables of the FM series are capable of lifting loads weighing up to 8.000 kg to an ergonomic working height. This “power pack” is also available in heavy-duty systems version, i.e. suitable for high duty cycles and multi-shift operation.

The “FMA” has been specially designed for the lifting of trolleys or other load carriers with rollers. The low and narrow construction allows an almost ground-level driving onto the table. Thanks to the low drive-on height of only 8 mm the lift table is suitable also for trolleys with small roles. The integrated roll-off protection and the safety edge provide maximum safety.

Designed for high lift heights with short platform, this low profile double scissor lift table is characterized by its compact and space-saving construction.