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Low-profile Lift Table FE

Specialist for the handling of Euro and special pallets (mesh box pallets)

Especially developed for ergonomic and safe handling of euro pallets, box pallets and similar load carriers (open bottom type), this lift table is one of the most popular low profile lift tables worldwide.

Short reaching distances to the load

The table platform is barely larger than a standard Euro pallet. Thus the operator has only short reaching distances to the load. He can stand (foot clearance) comfortably and work from all sides on the lifting platform. 
The "FE" is available in gradations from 300 to 2000 kg payload. The 910 mm wide standard lifting platform is tailored to the Euro pallet (1200 x 800 mm). In addition, the lift table is serially produced with 1150 mm width, for example for the euro industrial pallet. Customized special sizes also be realized, of course.

Discover the Lift Table with the E-Form

  • The "E" in the type designation stands for the E-shaped platform: A customary hand pallet truck can drive at floor level into the available platform recess.
  • The "E"-shape offers full supports for all three pallet stringers: Plastic pallets do not bend through, pre-damaged pallets do not break.
  • The standard lift table lifts the bottom layer of the pallet to 900 mm, so that it can be reached comfortably and without bending.

Low-profile Lift Table FE (Gallery)

10 good reasons

Innovative technology leader, more than 30 years of experience, global market presence, comprehensive product portfolio, highest quality standard, compliance with national and international safety standards, maximum availability with long service life, custom designs, outstanding service, goal-oriented problem solution