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Belt lift tables


A demand for alternatives to spindle drives started to appear around 2000. Plant engineering and automotive industry were looking for fast lift tables suitable for very fast work cycles, which should also be highly available, maintenance-free, and quickly repairable in case of a defect. For this purpose, Flexlift developed different designs of mechanical belt lift tables. The “RFK” series has proven itself as particularly powerful and universally usable. Similary to Flexlift low-profile lift tables, this series is based on a wedge system. The applications cover assembly lift tables (ergonomics) to system lift tables as heavy-duty versions. This series has been continuously further developed. In the meantime, it offers an optimum with respect to availability, low maintenance effort and quick spare parts replacement.

10 good reasons

Innovative technology leader, more than 40 years of experience, global market presence, comprehensive product portfolio, highest quality standard, compliance with national and international safety standards, maximum availability with long service life, custom designs, outstanding service, goal-oriented problem solution