Spindle Lift Table SFL

Oil-free, precise, reliable

Flexlift has produced spindle lift tables for applications in all industries since 1995. Since then, more than 8500 of these table have been delivered worldwide (status as of August 2014). Flexlift spindle lift tables are characterized by high positioning accuracy (+/- 1 mm), stopping accuracy (+/- 0.5 mm) and repeatability (+/- 1 mm).

The extremely stable tables show very little deflection during load reversal and run very quietly, evenly and smoothly at the converter. Thanks to the used drive system with over-dimensioned, high-quality ball screw, high-precision mechanical components and gear brake motors for S3 operation, the spindle lift table can also be used for applications with a high number of cycles while ensuring long service life.

Like no other lift table, this lift table is also suitable for very gentle handling of sensitive goods, such as glass, ceramics and electronics. Flexlift spindle lift tables can be delivered with load capacities of up to 10,000 kg. Versions in stainless steel and for use in EX areas are available as well.

Adopted to the Machinery Directive and the safety regulations of the automotive industry

Easily replaceable wear parts, such as rollers and rails with long service life

Stable design and production accuracy for long service life and high availability

Manual lowering or lifting is possible in case of malfunctions with respective accessories

Equipment with bellows and/or safety edge is possible

Flexlift offers 3 different types of maintenance supports

The safety catch is TÜV-tested and approved by the Employer's Liability Insurance Association for work under load