Low-profile Lift Table F-CE

Flexlift Low-profile Lift Tables of the F-CE Series

The F-CE series offers low-profile lift tables with rectangular, closed platform, with load capacities from 300 kg to 2500 kg, a variety of platform sizes and lifting heights up to 950 mm. These tables are designed for the ergonomics area:

Whether at the pick & pack workstation as height-adjustable assembly table or for material provisioning at a machine tool: A lift table of the F-CE series is the method of choice for these and numerous further applications for a safe and ergonomic workstation design.

Lowered, the lift table is extremely low (starting from 70 mm for a load capacity of 500 kg). It can be approached and loaded without pit installation, using a short levelling ramp available as accessory item.

With its robust design – platform made of 5 or 6 mm plain sheet, solid steel scissors, both made of high-quality steel, hydraulic cylinders arranged centred and protected under the platform – the lift table is also suited for harsher operating conditions. The accessory program comprises roller bed attachments, turntables, box tilting devices, roll-off protection, weighing devices, automatic controls, galvanised/stainless steel versions and numerous further options.

Lift table in extremely low-profile design
with levelling ramp

The levelling ramp design is matched to the commercially available pallet track

The lift table supports loads
up to 2000 kg

Simple approach via
attached levelling ramp

Levelling ramp can be
folded at narrow side

Lifting and
tilting by 25 degree

Integrated tilting platform with all-around
bellows and safety edges

The F-CE series is also available
in stainless steel

Tandem scissors for long platforms or
high load capacity for long goods

Parallel scissors are suitable for wide
platforms and high load capacities

F-CE with attached turntable and bottom space

The F-CE can be easily moved using a trolley jack