FE-M Series- The Multi Talent

The low-profile lift tables of the FE series can be adapted to many requirements thanks to the comprehensive accessories program and their modular design. The design supports cost-effective adjustments in the case of deviations from the standard dimensions. 3 auxiliary units were developed that change the possible applications of the lift table and allow its flexible use.

Box Tilting Device

A box tilting device attachable on both sides enables the lifting and tilting of all kinds of transport containers and load carriers between 17 and 25 degrees.

360-Degree Turntable

Using this 360-degree turntable, loads can be moved into the respectively most favourable working condition either vertically or by rotating around the centre axis.

Roller Bed Attachment

Attached roller beds from a design height of 28 mm enable a variety of applications for logistical requirements.

All of these 3 auxiliary units can be ordered as accessories and are interchangeable. Conversion is fast and the parts can be ordered at short notice.

Lift table of the FEM series
with box tilting device

The pallet cage can be entered without interference contour when folding back the tilting device

Goods in pallet cages can be tilted and loaded and/or unloaded using the box tilting device

Simple engagement and disengagement of the box tilting device

Tilt angle maximum 25 degree
with load reduction

Lift table of the FEM series
with rectangular turntable

Suitable for ergonomic handling, as well as heavy and large goods

The platform can be adjusted by 180° in all directions for an ergonomically favourable position

Simple locking in 180 -degree position
using a folding clamp

Three separate low-profile roller paths support the pallet under all legs

The low-profile E-shaped platform is suited
for loading with a pallet truck

Attached roller beds from a design height of 28 mm enable a variety of applications